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Music Confidential focuses on the four pillars of the business of music:

BUSINESS MODELS -- Real stories behind important and innovative business models and deals impacting those who create, perform, use or distribute music.

LICENSING ISSUES -- Comprehensive analysis of licensing issues impacting the business of music.

LEGAL decisions & GOVERNMENT activities -- Insight to provide an understanding of the most significant legal and policy decisions impacting music & copyright.

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WHO IS READING MUSIC CONFIDENTIAL? There are now paying subscribers in 48 countries. More than 80% are senior executives (CEOs, general counsel, EVPs and other senior execs) with:

  • Major and independent music publishers
  • Major and independent record companies
  • Online, cable, mobile and telecommunication companies
  • Investment and corporate banks, private equity firms
  • Collecting societies and music licensing agencies
  • Business management, accounting and law firms
  • Trade groups for publishers, record labels, digital media services, collecting societies, indie music companies, songwriters and recording artists
  • Also government officials and lawyers in the U.S., Canada, U.K., France, Belgium and Switzerland with the U.S. Copyright Office; U.S. Senate and House of Representatives; U.S. Patent & Trademark Office; U.S. Trade Representative; Federal Trade Commission; Dept. of Justice; U.S. Copyright Judges; Canadian Copyright Board; U.K. Parliament; U.K. Ministry of Culture; European Commission; French government; United Nations' World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

WHAT ARE READERS SAYING? Unsolicited Emails (e.g., when introducing someone to Susan) & Responses to Music Confidential Reports, used with permission:

"Susan is an attorney turned journalist and is the best analyst in the music industry... [Her 2015] two-part narrative on fractional music licensing was OUTSTANDING and AMAZING... It should be considered the seminal piece of work regarding this issue." Ed Christian, President/CEO, Saga Communications, Inc., and Chairman, Radio Music License Committee (representing app. 10,000 U.S. terrestrial radio broadcasters).

"... Susan Butler [is] the most knowledgeable and trusted journalist in the business.” Hein van der Ree, CEO, Netherlands-based collective rights society Buma/Stemra.

THE NEW SESAC Music Confidential report:  “Informative, on-the-point, accurate and timely. All that anyone could wish for from the world class journalist that you are.” Pat Collins, CEO/President SESAC Performance Rights; “Always pays to speak with the best…” John Josephson, Chairman/CEO, SESAC Inc.

"Susan is by far the most influential commentator on music matters in our industry." (John Minch, CEO, Imagem Music UK, London)

"Music Confidential is a vital source of information – and I know from a number of people in the industry that it is fast becoming the point of reference." Paris-based CISAC Director of Legal, Political & Strategic Affairs, David Uwemedimo, now with the United Nations' World Intellectual Property Organization.

"The holy grail of music resources!" (an executive with a very big technology-based company)

Music in the Broadband Net  “You are such a brilliant journalist. I just love reading your editions of Music Confidential more than any other music publication. Your articles are so well thought out, researched and presented. I am so glad you left Billboard because Music Confidential gives you so much more of a forum in which to present your findings, astute insight and understandable explanations. As the news of the music and technology businesses proliferates at a pace at which I can’t keep up, the weekly arrival of Music Confidential is welcomed with a smile, knowing that clarity….ah!....is within reach.” (Randall Rumage, VP Business Affairs, Rondor Music International, a Universal Music Group company, Los Angeles)

Revisiting Rhapsody  “I enjoyed your very thoughtful piece on Rhapsody. It deserves greater attention because it reinforces that a high-quality content business needs a real business model, and waiting around hoping for ‘free’ to turn into success won’t get you there.” (A Senior Communications Industry Executive, U.S.)

Class Actions: A New Way to License?  “The Google report was brilliant. Your insightfulness on matters that matter is most valued.” (Ralph Peer II, Chairman/CEO, peermusic, San Francisco)

Napster: Back to the Basics (With a Twist)  “The piece on Napster was great. That’s exactly the kind of piece that makes the subscription to Music Confidential value for money. Really good stuff.” (Dylan Jones, EMI Music Publishing, VP Corporate Communications & Marketing, New York)

License or Sale: The Jury Decides (coverage of trial, Em2M et al. vs. UMG/Interscope et al.) “This was a really great piece.” (Aileen Atkins, Napster, General Counsel, New York)

License or Sale: The Jury Decides “After reading your article, I can't begin to tell you how much your insight means to us. Sometimes, at the end of the day, only words like yours make it all seem worthwhile.” (Joel Martin, Em2M, Detroit)

PRS: A Divisive Decision  “Bravo Susan. A superb piece of journalism.” (A Senior Music Publishing Executive, London)

Labels & Publishers: Détente  “This is the most comprehensive and comprehendible analysis of anything I have ever read among the innumerable music business analyses I have reviewed over the last 40 years.” (Peter Thall, Entertainment Attorney, New York)

Tracking TV Music "All of us yesterday were talking about your article all day, and we got lots of e-mails. It is obvious that your Music Confidential is read by everyone who matters in our business." (Hunter Murtaugh, Co-Owner & SVP Business Development, TuneSat, New York)

Collecting Societies: Investing Whose Money?  “Fascinating piece. Great job.” (John Simson, SoundExchange, Executive Director, Washington, D.C.)

The Music Investors  “Wonderful and informative report on music investors. You continue to show week after week the value of your paid subscription, which is difficult to do in this environment.” (Michael Closter, Reach Global, Founder, NY)

“You have done an outstanding job since you started. A lot of hard work and serious analysis by you on topics rarely covered.” (Neville Johnson, Attorney, LA)

“No one even comes close to your writing.” (Chairman/CEO of a Major Music Publisher)